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Shipmates from the SS William B Allison - Left: John Stockton, GM3/c of New Jersey and Right: Henry (Hank) Valli, GM2/c of New york

Gun Crew of the SS John Armstrong, October 26, 1944

Ship's crew of the Simon Newcombe, Armed Guard Center, Brooklyn, NY, August 7, 1944

Crew of the SS John W. Brown, with gunnery officer Lt. Arley T. Zinn, 22 March 1944

Crew of the SS Algic; Coiley, Whitlock, Doraw, Oulton, Sabia and Gileneaue, January 20, 1944

Additional Algic crew; Fenton, Coiley, Whitlock, Jones and Edelman

Crew of the SS Ethan Allen

Crew of the SS John P. Altgeld

Crew aboard the SS Richard H. Alvey, winter 1943 between Iceland and Norway, bound for Murmansk, Russia

Part of the crew of the William H. Aspinwall, Egypt, February, 1944

Aspinwall crew: Left to Right: Stickley, Strebe, Vince, Rigg and Cox

SS Young America crew, May 21, 1943

Crew of the SS John B. Ashe

Gun crew of the SS Ardmore, May 6 to November 10, 1943

Crew of the SS John S. Bassett from September 1943 to March 1944. L to R: Front Row: Giada, Hildabidal, Ashmore, White, Davis, Chaulk, Broughton, and Ainsworth. Second Row: Pedigo, Terrybone, Finn, Cloy, Torres, Otis, Wilder, Andrivitch, and Downs. Third row: J. Davis, Eden, Denzer, McKannan, Peterson, Faulkner, Lucas, Ryon, and Radonich.

SS Fra Berlanga crew on V-J Day

Partial crew of the SS Robert S. Bean. Left to Right: Front Row: Yeckly, Quinn, Wellman, and Ruis. Back Row: Shilling, Vanhorm, Stackhouse, Wieland, and Ryan. At Treasure Island 1943

Gun crew of the T-2 tanker SS Bladensburg

Married gun crew members of the Bladensburg

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