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Part of the AG Unit aboard the George Dewey March 22, 1944 to April 18, 1945

Armed Guard crew of the SS Donald M. Dickinson, September 25, 1943

Rest of the crew of the George Dewey

Ensign Leo F. McNamara, C.O. with crew of the SS Abner Doubleday October 18, 1944

Crew of the SS Lewis Dyke December 1943

SS Emily Dickenson gun crew on board December 6, 1943

Part of the crew of the Charles J. Finger August 1945. Left to Right starting in front: Winter, Quina, O'Malley, Rogers, Fitzpatrick, Bonker, Bucannan, Nichols, and Gaines

Armed Guard crew for the USAT President Filmore around March or April 1943

Crew of the MV Cape Florida December 1943. L. to R.: Kneeling: Liptak, Leidy, Swiger, Lawson, Logsdon, unknown, unknown. Standing: Lawrence, Macie, Maas, unknown, Manson, Lyons, Leedy, Garcia, Porvin, Bobbett, Hamilton, unknown, Littleton, and Lemley.

Crew of the SS Oregon Fir June to July 1945. Reassigned to the tanker SS Government Camp July to September 1945

Armed Guard crew of the E.J. Henry, 1943. L. to R.: Davies, Payne, Fowler, Lescault, Hartson, and Jenkins. Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela

Crew members of the SS Paul Hamilton Hayne 1942

Crew of the SS Joseph Henry

Crew of the SS Cape Hatteras 3 November 1943 to 16 August 1944

The crew of the SS John Hart in Australia 1945

Crew of the SS Abram S. Hewitt, September 24, 1944. L. to R.: Front Row: Kirkpatrick, Washburn, Graham, McGrath, Tyler, Renshaw. Middle Row: Harrison, Loveall, Thomason, Besemer, Weldon, Buerger, Magoon, Saindon, Miller. Back row: Warren, Wade, Rakowitz, Panther, Anderson, Jones, Moore, Cox, Dahlquist, Weidenback.

Gun crew came off the SS Thomas Jefferson and went aboard the SS Cornelius Vanderbilt and saw action off Okinawa in 1945

Lt. (jg) Wendell Chesser with crew of SS Thomas W. Hyde in Palmero, Italy

Gun crew of the SS Thomas Jefferson, 1943-1944. L. to R.: Front row: Culter, Potter, Moffat, Ryan, Winegar. Second Row: Rotillio, Dorsey, Neesters, Newton, Harwood. Back row: Franz, Rego, Olson, Smile, Robbins.

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