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Gun crew of the SS Solomon Juneau at Treasure Island March 1943

Gun crew of the Robert M. Lafollette in 1945

Gun crew of the tanker SS Johren

Gun crew of the SS C. Francis Jenkins in the Pacific, 1944

Part of the crew of the SS David Starr Jordan in England 1944. Pictured are McAuthor, West, Williams, Whaley, Durkee, and Phipps

Crew of the SS William L. Marcy who made the Murmansk Run in 1943

Gun crew of the SS Jaques Laramie at Treasure Island 1943

SS Lurline's crew in 1943

Crew of the T-2 tanker SS Fort McHenry

Crew of the SS State of Maryland, 1942

Crew of the SS James B. Miller 1945. L. to R.: Standing: Caldwell, Webber, Remy, Martin, Schwartz, Davis, Johnson, Thurston, Wolf, Tripp, Domagala, Kirk. Standing bent over: Gilliland. Squatting: Davenport, Borsella, Face above Borsella unknown, Viegh, Mosteller, Hickey, Vitio, Lemke, Cook, Bangus, McCracken, Robinson.

Crew of the SS President Monroe. L. to R.: Front row: Barber, Rowe, Winch, Morlan. Back Row: Chavez, Feck, Riley, Pollock, Petersen.

Crew of the SS Richard Moczkowski

Crew of the SS President Monroe, December 1941. L. to R.: Kneeling: McDonald, Daniel, Camdon, Jones. Standing: Migett, Harrell, Owens, Hughes.

Armed Guard Crew aboard the SS Mor Mac Tern July 1944

Crew aboard the El Oceano

The crew of the SS John W. Powell March 1944 - January 1945 at the Brooklyn Armed Guard Center

3" 50 gun crew of the SS Paulsboro

More of the crew of the Paulsboro

Gun crew of the W. T. Rossell

Crew of the maiden voyage of the SS James B. Richardson

Crew of the SS William C. Ralston, 1945

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