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L. to R.: Pianin, Dempsey, Bryson, Campobasso of the Cape San Antonio

Armed Guard crew of the Mor Mac Sea 1945

3" 50 gun crew aboard the Mor Mac Sea 1945

Aft 3" 50 gun crew on the Cape San Antonio

4" 50 gun crew on the Mor Mac Sea 1945

Partial crew of the SS Capital Reef, January 1945

May 23, 1944, at Armed Guard Center, Brooklyn. The crew of the SS Thomas Stone. L. to R : Front row: Burns, Akers, Dahlem, Baird, Dunn, Oseman. Middle Row: Barger, Boatwright, Quinn, Wills, Landry, Johnston, Kelly. Back row: Davis, Wahl, Krause, Jones, Roberts, Mathews.

Crew of the Samuel Seabury 30 September 1942 to 7 July 1943. Front row: Bottomly, Watkins, Eckenstam, Pope, Turner, Salazar, Brooks, Postl. Back row: Shaw, Bauhofer, Bourge, Rodgers, Davidson, Brown, Lively, Ted, Hansen, Clayson.

Bow 3" 50 gun crew aboard the SS Charles E. Smith, late 1944

Crew of the T-2 tanker Chisholm Trail

Gun crew of the 3" 50 aboard the Sea Train Texas in the Asiatic and South Pacific Area

Entire Armed Guard unit, including the Merchant Captain next to the AG Officer, aboard the Mark Twain, May 31, 1942 to March 1, 1943

Prior to boarding October 1944, the crew of the SS Typhoon

Crew of the MS California Standard, July 1945

AG Lt., Merchant Captain, two Gunners Mates and two Signalmen aboard the Mark Twain

Gun crew of the SS Umatilla, 1944, at the Armed Guard Center, Treasure Island, California

Gun crew of the SS Vermont on Murmansk Run. Leanordo rear left with mustache, rest unknown.

Crew of the SS Oscar Underwood, July 7, 1945

Crew that went aboard the SS Cornelius Vanderbilt. Front row: Barnhill, Hays, Bolkhold, Potter, Spychalski, Ashton, Palmquist. Middle row: White, C.D. McDonald, E.L. McDonald, Huff, Nassy, Bloom, Zetsche, Rolfe. Back row: Jacobs, Duarte, Warren, Lasko, Flowers, Mabry, Camereon, Hack, Johnson, and E.J. Liask, Gunnery Officer

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