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Crew of the Victoria. L. to R: Front Row: Ellison, Weis, Woody, Blackerby. Back Row: Giles, Bierman, Westberg, Hammond, Brennan

Crew of the SS Dominican Victory

Crew of the SS Ana Darko Victory at a barbeque in Bueno Aires, Argentina, August 1945

Gun crew from the SS Ethiopa Victory, July 19, 1944 to January 24, 1945. The following were in the crew: Taylor, Monson, Grant, Hampton, Dwell, Nocita, Caskill, Nigh, Farrow, Padilla, Parsons, Mathews, Olson, Beck, Davis, Norberg, Hager, O'Harrow, Nelson, Muscovally, Northup, Gossett, Baumann, Burnham, Mienama, King, Lapp, Ott

Officers of the SS Ethiopa Victory, January 1945. Officers are Hager, Beck, Davis, King, Lapp, Mathews, and Barnum.

20 MM gun crew of the SS Ethiopa Victory, January 1945

Gun crew of the SS Wilder, November 1944 - Top left is James Beres, Top middle is Shane, Bottom middle is Ray Edwards, Bottom right is William Wayne Wade, as identified by William Wade

Crew of the SS Nampa Victory, June 1944

Armed Guard crew of the Edward N. Wescott, July 1943

Gun crew of the Charles H. Windham

Crew of the SS Thomas Wolfe, Normandy Invasion, June 1944. One bad haircut started all this

Part of the gun crew that served on the SS Mor Mac Wren

Crew of the SS Ewing Young, 7 September 1944 to 19 January 1945

USN Armed Guard Center Main Deck

USN Armed Guard Center Chow Hall

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