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Shipmates on the SS Maria Mitchell. L. to R: Shelton, Burns, Ciskiewic, Penny and Shelter.

L. to R: Allen, Moore, Gedman, and Fleming on liberty from the SS Edwin Abbey, 1944

George Barber, the queen, aboard the SS Cape Ann on a 1944 crossing of the Equator

Crossing the Equator on the SS John S. Bassett, 1943. Lucas, Ainsworth, J. Davis, Broughton, Denzer, White.

On liberty from the SS Fra Berlanga are L. to R: Front Row: Malone and Tony. Standing: Jim, Fitz, Shetter, Dufresne.

Kayak built by James W. Davis and Robert L. Hammer on board the Cedar Breaks in December 1944 and January 1945. It was used until November 1945

Shipmates Clifton Jones and Willis McCracken on liberty in New Jersey.

Shipmates on the SS William E. Borah in Cairo, Egypt, May 1943.

Chipping paint in the gun tub on the SS Floyd Bennett 1944 are Kutz, Higgins and Grant

L. to R: James W. Davies, Stanley Kowalzyk, Frank L. Luce, Reverl Hatfield, and Chester Jacolik, crew of the Cedar Breaks, December 1944.

S1/c Walfred Heckenkaible (left) and S1/c Leroy Odom, Jr., shipmates on the SS San Bruno, 1945.

Richard Kerwood (left) Rochester, Washington and Pat Juffers, Ireton, Iowa on leave in Auckland, New Zealand, from the SS San Bruno, 1944.

Shipmates Hauser, Thomas, Miller, Krombach, Jahnke, Leggett, and Earls.

Donald G. Farmer (kneeling), 14 years old, seen here with other shipmates just out of boot camp, October 1942.

Shipmates on board the SS Stagedoor Canteen headed for Russia, 1943.

Crew of the SS Langdon Cheves in a Sudanese Village in 1944. L. to R: Kneeling: Unknown, Spinazola, Snee, unknown, Benidict. Standing: Morin, Aldrich, Terral, unknown, Mathis.

Thomas Aime (left) and Lloyd M. Clemens in the 20 MM gun tub on board the SS Calvin Coolidge, LeHavre, France, 1945.

Harry Wright (left) George Keyhold on the Stagedoor Canteen headed for Russia.

Langdon Cheves communications crew, 1944. Roberts, Barrett, and Aldrich.

Gunners Mates Spinazola, Snee, and Kresge on board the Langdon Cheves.

Charles M. Hooper (left) Richard S. Davis on leave.

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