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L. to R: Bill Faulkner, Jack Cross, and Alonzo Davis in Honolulu, December 1944.

April 15, 1944, Front: Gerlach, King, Davis. Rear: Hoch.

L. to R: Streeter, Duerkes, and Appleby.

L. to R: Holmes, Moody, and Smith at the 5" 38 gun station on board the SS James Fenimore Cooper, March 1945.

Shipmates on board the Dartmouth.

More crew members of the Dartmouth. Stephen Byrne in middle sitting on gun.

The two gunners mates aboard the SS George Davidson. Robert E. Pollock (right) and Clarence E. Morlan.

December, 1943 on board the SS Alexander J. Dallas in the North Atlantic. L. to R: Kneeling: Brown and Hunter. Standing: Stoner, Slekler, Cirilli.

On the SS Cushman K. Davis in Honolulu. L. to R: Bill Simonis, John Shevlin, Rudolph Reda, and Dave Shanaman.

On the 3" 50 gun deck of the SS Cushman K. Davis are L. to R: Jim Scully, Frank Savage, John Shevlin, and Bill Simonis.

On the aft gun platform of the SS William Eastland en route to Southern France. L. to R: Front row: Southern, Allen, Lambert. Back row: Lenzendorf, Slanina, Lindquist. July 1945.

L. to R: John Esselburne, Gerald Norton, and Joseph Salankowitz on leave in Naples, Italy, September 1944.

Geddie Harbin (middle) and James B. McKaig (right) on leave in 1943.

Crew on the SS Charles J. Finger July 1945. L. to R: Two Merchant Crew O'Malley, Bonker, Fitzpatrick, Winter, Elliott, and Waterhouse.

Crew members from the SS Sea Flasher on liberty. The soldier on the right was a radio operator because at the time the Sea Flasher was an Army chartered Troop Transport.

Shipmates of the SS Charles J. Finger in the Philippine Islands August 1945. Seen here with the mascot Tojo.

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