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Crew members of the SS Charles Goodnight

5" 38 gun crew of the SS Cardinal Gibbons, 1942-43

Armed Guard Gunners from the SS George Gershwin in Khorramshahr on the Persian Gulf. L. to R: Standing: Unknown, Don Reis, Charles Allen Greene, Early and Harold Joseph Shlesinger. Two men kneeling are unknown.

Shipmates L. to R: Standing: Toni Corsi, J.J. Conti, Theodore Schorr, Louis Bongard. Kneeling: Pat Conti

Shipmates aboard the SS Hastings, 1942

Shipmates from the USAT Santa Paula in Casablanca, Morocco, North Africa, November 1942: White, Willis, Talmage, Klamp, Woodford, and Odegarde.

Shipmates from the SS Thomas A. Hendricks on liberty in Cairo, September 1943

Shipmates on liberty from the SS Paul Hamilton, 1942

Church services for shipmates aboard the SS Golden Heels, January 1944

SS Patrick Henry, 1944. Crew members are Baxter, Dykes, Fuger, Irvin, St. Onge, Taylor, Somers, Mancino, Scderbom, Solan, Metzger, Soucy, Acquaviva, Sipagusa, Webber, Stafford, Cannon, Haskel, Gabbitas, Revell

Shipmates on the SS S.B. Hunt. L. to R: Front row: Berry, Williams, Uhl. Back row: Rogers and St. Arnaud.

January 29, 1945, Hyde Park, Sidney, Australia shipmates L. to R: Wicks, Verrall and Wallace.

Shipmates from the SS W.A. Holbrook, February 16, 1943

William A. Rogers and Earl Williams on board the tanker SS S.B. Hunt

Shipmates on the SS James W. Johnson. L. to R: Ken Schmidt, William J. Schultz, and Robert Schabert

L. to R: Richburg, Burtchell, and a sailor that came back with them from the Marshall Island

On board the SS John Paul Jones, April 20, 1944, Baltimore, Maryland. Kneeling: Kentucky, McElroy, Marckman, and McQuiston, Standing: Ahevn, Thomas, Swearingen, Mazzone, and McConnell.

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