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Shipmates of the SS Phillip Livingston

Russ Krenciprock with shipmates of the SS R. Ney McNeely

Lou McHugh with shipmates on board the SS Thaddeus Kosciuszko, 1944

L. to R: Ray Panner, Lt. Laughton, Harold Bullivant, Harry Pettitt aboard the SS Margaret Lykes, January 1943

Shipmates Larson, Klawnowski, and Kell seen here in Port Said with others from the SS Mobilight

H. Eschol Futch (left) and Seabolt on the SS Margaret Lykes in Naples, cleaning the 20 mm gun

The G.L. Woosruff Convoy Commodore staff together with the vice-commodore staff taken in front of the French Foreign Legion Monument located in Sidi-Bel-Abbes, Algeria, North Africa, November 1944. Front row: two sailors on left are Steve Mancini and Charles J. Canestrari. Standing: second from left is Russell E. Bowman

Klawnowski in his blues, Lt. McCarthy in his skull cap. Gunnery Officer with a tie, and Kelly seen here with other crew from the SS Moblight, Iran, January 1944

SS Jefferson Myers, 1942. L. to R: Brown, Cochran, Edwards, Dowdney, Doster, Robinette, and Pace with their mascot "Queenie"

Gunners on the SS Morris Sheppard

Shipmates of the SS Edward Rutledge taken in the main square of Brindisi, Italy. L. to R: Standing: Furgeson, Spear, Yardum. Seated: Rosa, Mills, Mulhulland.

Shipmates of the SS Rainbow, 1945

Lt. Boyer along with the crew of the SS Samuel Moody played a soccer game against the R.A.F., 1943. USNAG are in the stripe shirts: Marigiliano, Ransom, Rieglemeyer, Riley, Triplett, Mastandrea, Ravotti, Patton, and Ricci

BEFORE...Earl Williams, Thomas Rawlings, and George Chester...

AFTER...shaving their beards

Picture taken at Pearl Harbor, September 1944. These men were aboard the Charles E. Smith. L. to R: Standing: Marr, Leidy, Lyons. Kneeling: Swiger, Maxie, Liptak

Shipmates of the SS Eugene Skinner, San Francisco, August 1944. Front: Henke, Hawkins, Costello. Back: Kirkpatrick, Peckham, McCart

L. to R: Ray, "Sam", Nagel, Ness, and merchant seamen. All survivors of the SS Richard D. Spaight sunk March 10, 1943

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