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Shipmates on the Victoria December 1944 en route to Cpld Bay, Alaska

Seago, Miller, and Casada from the SS Cape Tryon

Part of the crew of the SS Smith Thompson at Virginia Beach, 1944

Shipmates on the SS Hagerstown Victory. Kneeling: Banfield, Pedernia, Hantzes. Standing: Douglas, Sims, Cannon, Long

Shipmates off of the SS Chung Tung in Port Said, Egypt, 1943

Gunners on the SS Wilder, November 1944

Burtchell (with drink in hand) along with shipmates from the SS Waipio were kicked out of a night club in downtown San Francisco, April 1944. "Too young to handle it."

Shipmates on board the Netherlands Victory

GM 2/c Winkler (left) with other PO's prior to reporting aboard the SS Marshfield Victory

Equator initiation on the Windom

L. to R: Babmes, Englert, Barton, and Admires on the SS Ewing Young as they approach New Caladinia, December 1942

Departing shipmate on the SS Wildwood in the Atlantic, 1943

L. to R: Standing: Roby and Germ, Seated: Sober and Pero. Shipmates on the SS Winslow, seen here between the two runs to Russia

D. Fogel (left) with shipmates on the SS Winslow, 1944

News of V-J Day

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