More People Pictures

Armed Guard School Band at USO Gulfport, Mississippi. Front Row: Bob Scholle, Glen Koch, Leo Olah, Bob Roberts and Bill Kovocevic. Guitar player is Jimmy Ball and at piano is George (last name unknown)

"Two arms of the Law." MAA Tommy Alleghetti and Officer Ben Briskin, October 1944

Movie star Carol Landis Jitter bugging to promote March of Dimes, January 1945

Armed Guard Band at Karney, New Jersey, October 1944. Lt. J. Peace pictured center

Entertainer Woody Herman, Old Gold Show, 1945

Commander Knowlton looking across New York Harbor

Commander William J. Coakley, 1945

View of New York Harbor from the U.S. Navy Armed Guard Center

Thanksgiving at the USN Armed Guard Center, November 25, 1945

Saxophone section of the USN Armed Guard Band, 1945

USN Armed Guard Center main deck, April 14, 1945. A.T. Mannarino and C.F. Korker.

Shipmates from the Richard B. Anderson. L. to R: Nipper, Parkins, Weilend, Briney, and Willis.

Mascot Spinney of the SS John P. Altgeld

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