Ship Pictures

SS Abangarez

USAT Acconcoqua in Seattle, Washington, April-October 1945

Aboard the SS American Arrow in the Persian Gulf

SS Fra Berlanga, a twin diesel with a cruising speed of 20 knots

SS Cape Bon

SS John W Brown

SS Esso Charles Concord

Langdon Cheves in the Suez Canal, 1944

SS James Fenimore Cooper, 1945, at anchor off Saipan

SS William M. Eastland

SS John Hart on a reef for five days en route to Sydney, Australia

SS Cornelius Harnett

USAT King taking on fresh fruits and vegetables from barges in the Bay of Corinth, Nicaragua, July, 1945

The Victoria moored dockside at Seaward, Alaska

SS Cape Tryon in the South Pacific

The SS Isaac Sharpless in Augusta, Sicily, June 1944

SS Mormac Swan

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