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SS Pearl Harbor

Gunnery Officer James Hyman and crew of the SS Ferdinand Gagnon

Picture furnished by Bob Lowe - Left to Right are Ralph G Smith, King, Pop McKay, Bob Lowe, Charlie Schou, Not Sure, Brown and Not Sure

Picture furnished by Bob Lowe - If you know the meaning of the patches on the blouses, please send me an email

S.S. Oneida - picture and article courtesy of A Careless Word - A Needless Sinking by Captain Arthur R Moore

S.S. Christopher S. Flanagan - Signalman John Flaherty and Gunner A. Kreider 12/6/44 - Picture provided by John Flaherty

S.S. John N. Maffitt - Signalmen John Gettschalk and John Flaherty - 11/4/43 - Picture proved by John Flaherty

S.S. Christopher S Flanagan - John Gottschalk, Lt (jg) John Kennedy, John Finherty, Mike Callahan - 7/28/45 - Picture provided by John Flaherty

S.S. Christopher S Flanagan - Signalmen and Gunners Picture provided by John Flaherty

Tanker S.S. Ohio in a Malta Convoy, August 1942


Survivors of a torpedoed freighter are saved

Compool class in Los Angeles at the Naval Armory. September - October 1943. Training as Radiomen and Signalmen. Photo provided by Bob Cyphers.

Radiomen sent to Long Beach, California to be assigned to ships in that area. Included in picture are Bob Cyphers, Cicigoi and Bob Searle. Photo furnished by Bob Cyphers.

Armed Guard Crew from the SS Mormacgull. Bob Cyphers is in front, third from left. Also included are Armed Guardsmen Cywinski, Kramer and Prohaska (recently deceased).


Armed Guard Gun Crew Members from the SS John Carter Rose, sunk 8 October 1942 by two German submarines. Roy L. Adams, S 2/c (Survivor) is on left. Michael J. D'Ambrosia, S 2/c (Lost in Sinking) is in center and Omer P. Coumoyer, S 2/c, (Survivor) is at the right.


The Armed Guard Crew of the SS Santa Fe Hills, excluding the radiomen.


Heroic members of Navy Gun Crew that turned attack. Members who carried on after Lt (jg) Carl M. Kube had been killed. Left to right, William Tripp of Oklahoma, who took command; Robert J. Schubert, James G. Staley and Luciano Pacheco, shown at guns that fought off attack.


The SS John W Brown in South Carolina. This picture and the next seven are courtesy of Bill Creasy!!!

Bill Creasy on left and Gerry Bowen on right

Gun tub on the SS John W Brown

Sign on the SS John W Brown

'Kate' - the plane being shot at from the SS John W Brown

Mess Hall on ship - note the 48 star Flag

F4U Corsair chasing the 'Kate'

A visit from 'FDR', even had wheel chair, leg braces and sounded just like him.

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