Ship pictures from a book

U-96 sinks a straggling tanker, the Arthur F Corwin, which had dropped back from Convoy HX-106.

Fighter planes and crates on the deck of a tanker in New York

SS Arcata as Glymont

SS Hoosier as Black Eagle

SS Norlantic as Lexington

SS Norlavore as Quantico

SS Roanoke with SS Pan Royal in background

SS Soreldoc

SS Santa Maria on right side of photo

SS Norluna as Upshur

Remains of SS John L. Motley and SS John Bascom, Bari, Italy

Wreck of SS Joseph Wheeler, Bari, Italy

SS Murfreesboro being towed by USS Choctaw off St. Georges, Bermuda, March 29, 1944

Last Eastbound North Atlantic Convoy HX 358, June 3, 1945. SS Crosby S. Noyes in lower left.

Ship Movement Card for SS Alfred Moore from March 5, 1943 to October 3, 1944

Torpedoed twice, on October 28, 1943 the Liberty Ship SS Anne Hutchinson remained afloat thanks to welded construction. Picture taken 10/28/43 after the ship broke in two forward of # 4 hold.

The SS Starr King sinking. Photo taken from deck of HMS Warramunga

Tanker SS GulfAmerica torpedoed and sunk by U-123 on April 10, 1942

The Tanker Byron D. Benson, torpedoed off Cape Hatteras April 5.1942

The Tanker SS Pennsylvania Sun burns fiercely, after being torpedoed by the U-571

An Artist's rendition of the MS Atlantic Sun, shows the scene after a torpedo struck the bow, and another tore the ship apart. The forward section is going down and the aft section, still on an even keel, was later torpedoed and sunk

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