More Liberty ships from a calendar

SS David Davis later as USS Carina

SS Alexander Majors

SS Stephen Hopkins 14 April 42

SS John L Sullivan later as YAG 37

SS Henry M Stephens later as lengthened Capetan Costis

SS Richard Montgomery 40 years after sinking

SS William G Lee later as the Nadina

SS James Longstreet after long use as a target ship

SS Amelia Earhart later as Chinese Jiading

Brigadier General Alfred J Lyon in Portland, Oregon

Winter, North Atlantic, December 1943

SS Schuyler Colfax as Navy target ship

SS Leif Ericson later as Navy station tanker Porcupine

SS Andrew Marschalk

SS Pocahontas Seam later as Bulgarian Andromeda

SS Francis J O'Gara later as USS Outpost

SS Charles H Cagle later as US Army floating power plant

SS Stanford White later as hospital ship Blanch F Sigman

SS Julien Dubuque as a troopship

Part of mothball fleet - Suisun Bay, California

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