Bosunís B.V.D.ís


Our Bosín is a salty man, no man has greater fame.

Until one day his shorts were stolen

An on us he put the blame.


Us Navy boys are honest lads

As salty as can be.

And we donít give a damn

What happened to his B.V.Dís


This salty man so I am told has sailed the sea for many a month.

But before he finds his shorts so old

He will have to hunt and hunt.


The Bosín shorts are a mystery still

And he canít find anyone to pay the bill

So donít look at us, Bosín mate

For they are the few things the Navy hasnít ate


-Robert S. Castle, Jr.,

S.S. Powder River 1944, S.S. John H. Reagan 1945


Sky and War†††††


I saw them coming, like two small birds that were intent

on catching and killing some insect.

As they drew nearer,

they became big, fast, noisy, loud, dirty and hot.

Those small birds soon became two man made monsters

that were intent only on killing each other.

I had hope that with all the wide blue sky to choose from

that they would not have to choose me.

But they did, and there is nothing that I can do about it now,

by all means not now.†††

Iíve been torn apart, cut up and butchered.

My white clouds that were placed in my care

Are now scattered for miles and my air, still rings

with the echoes of the screams of both man and machine.

Gun smoke and the smell of death still hang with death

like stillness throughout my being.

I can only hope that my friends, the winds, wonít be too long in coming to my aide.

Only they can gather my lost clouds and bring them back together once again.

Only the winds can chase away that human smell that haunts me still.

And only nature and God can soothe me and help me to understand the ways of man.


-Robert S. Castle, Jr.,

S.S. Powder River 1944,S.S. John H. Reagan 1945





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