Armed Guard Veterans History Volume II

From Armed Guard Veterans History Volume II

SS Jeremiah O'Brien and Gun Crew # 3329 and Gun Crew 3330

Top: Camp Shelton, Va 1944 standing l to r Guns, Pace, Bonacorsi, Allen, Cross, Cain, Ruzek, Lt. Anderson. Kneeling l to r Barr, Rogers, Germano, Tucker. Center: Los Angeles R M School, 1943. Bottom: NTS Signals, Univ of Chicago, 6/5/42-9/25/42. Front: Gerdes, Whitman, Swinger, Chapman, Shaffer, Urlacher, Ritter, Pond, Williams, Peters, Grill. Back: Olsen, Sperbeck, Wheeler, Shegda, Sidwell, Tierney, Dare, Ryan, Lowman, Burns, Taylor, Cardin,Henzler

Signal School, Company F-1, Chicago, Il, 03/41. Front l to r: Balzenski, Bottomly, McKenzie, Schiminger, Merritt. 2nd row: Gum, Crane, Bingham, Budzisz, Fancher. 3rd row: Albright, Drake, Finney, Turk. Back row: Herigodt, Turner, Smith, Bigelow, Hume, Dunard, Cuppy, Regenauer.

Crew of the John Armstrong, Crew of the Kota Agoeng, Crew of the Kota Agoeng, crew of the Amiens and crew of the Kota Agoeng

Crew of the Kota Agoeng, Epley and Dryewiechi with crew of the Samuel Ashe, crew of the Stephen Austin, Other half of the crew of the Stephen Austin, and crew of the Cape San Antonio

Crew of the 3"50 on the Del Braziel 1942, crew of the Francis T Blair abd communications crew of the Cape Bon, August 45. Kneeling l to r: Davidson, Elson, Donhauser, Taylor, Rigling, Smith. Standing: McCartney, Lt. Kelley, Snuder, Persigehl.

Gun crew of the Matthey B Brady, 12/24/44. SS San Bruno Crew: Wilkerson, Etchison, Sausado, Mullins, Heckenlaible, Rogers, Locke, King, Ristich, Grant, Noah, Chipley, Hawkins. Second crew below: Messer, Weichold.Crew of the SS Sea Blenny, Crew of the Bleinheim 1943.

Crew of the USAT Chirikoff in Alaska, crew of the Charles G Curtis, 3"50 gunners on the Emily Dickinson, Aft gun crew of the 5"50 on the Nathan Clifford.

Crew of the William L Davidson, 3"50 crew of the Samuel T Darling, crew of the Dixiano.

Gun crew of the Edwin L Drake (James Hogue is on the second row and is second from the left with his elbows on his knees and arms crossed. May have been known as Red), 5"38 crew of the Addie Bagley Daniels, Crew of the Dartmouth

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