Cafiero's Travels

Pictures and information collected by Louis Cafiero in his travels...

USNAG Plaque presented to Louis Cafiero

AB watches his ship, SS Lehigh sink

Rebuilt Florida Coast Lookout Tower. Once there were 1700 on the East Coast and this is the last one remaining

These towers were manned by civilians scanning the ocean for signs of German Submarines

Towers began to disappear in 1944 when dangers to America on the coasts were considered unlikely

This is the last tower left and Louis Cafiero monitors it for us

Enlargement of plaque in tower seen in picture three


Louis Cafiero and Korky Korker

Korky Korker - Brooklyn Armed Guard Center Photographer in WWII

Korky Korker visits Louis Cafiero

Swarbrick works to honor WWII Priest

USCG Sail Cutter Eagle - Feb 2004

Veterans attending reunion at American Merchant Marine Museum - August 2004

Gloria Nicolich and Gerald Reminick at the Kings Point AMMV BBQ

Mr. Francis Dooley, Esq. - New President of AMMV

Tower being rebuilt - see story from WWII below

Tanker attacks submarine - Page 1

Tanker attacks submarine - Page 2

SS Exmoor

Life Ring SS Exmoor

Captain C E Reilly and Walt Disney

Louie's Sextant still in use - see next picture for how

Every instrument has a purpose in life

Louie and Joe Nolen

Coney Island Lost and Found by Charles Denson - Phone 510-540-7234

Luna Park (Charles Denson)

Modern Day (2004) Armed Guard

Photo from old book of Captain Smith - The 3 pictured were the only survivors from the Airship USS Akron, which crashed in the 1930's

US Merchant Marine - WWII Memorial

Rhino Loading Platform in use

Newspaper story on Tin Can Sailors

Tin Can Sailors - 9/25/88 - Chief Growski in Tans

Louis E. Gennaro

Dennis Roland - featured in March 1985 The Master, Mate & Pilot

Left - Korker the Brooklyn AGC Photographer and Right - Da Mercha

Brooklyn AGC Photographer Korker tries on cap of Submarine Captain

Brooklyn AGC Photographer visits Da Mercha

Burned body of Merchant Seaman of SS Pennsylvania Sun

Coast Guard Gunner pays supreme sacrifice

Captain Jefferson Carey, Chief Mate of Dorchester prior to her last voyage. Jacksonville Maritime Museum

Captain Carey AMMV and TCS and Roy Casselmon, DD-612, stand watch at Jacksonville Maritime Museum

Captain John E Simms is 85 years old. Standing watch at Jacksonville Maritime Museum, "U-Boat 155" AMMV

Left to Right, L Cafiero, Dave Swan, John Simms, WW2 Merchant Seamen. Memorial service Armistice Day, Nov 11, 1996, Jacksonville, Florida

SS Cranford. John Simms was Able Bodied Seaman and is lucky to be alive!

Blinker Lamp and Hammock in the John W Brown Museum

Captain W Smith, 85, Cranford, NJ, Nov 2001

Naval Armed Guard Museum on the John W Brown

Who's on Watch???

Captain B Hope and Louis Cafiero - USN Patch is from Tin Can Sailors Association

Shipmates Captain Bill Smith and Louis Cafiero - October 2001

Captain B Hope speaking to John W Brown Reunion Oct 27 2001 - Baltimore, Maryland

American Export Lines Passenger Baggage Sticker

William Smith, Captain, American Export Lines, 1939 - 1970

SS Exceller at Bari Pier discharging cargo. Captain H Switcher, William Smith Chief Mate, Lt J Sullivan Armed Guard Officer - 1944

SS Exceller, at fuel dock in Bari, Italy. 6 Hatches - cargo, troops and Prisoners of War. Lt J J Sullivan Gunnery Officer

Found at 2 AM while walking the cold passages of the SS John W Brown

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