The Navy's Armed Guard

The Navy's Armed Guard

You've heard about men of the Army,
The Marines, and Coast Guard as well;
But there's one branch that's seldom acknowledged,
And believe me it goes through hell.

What is this service unclaimed?
The men who take it so hard?
Well my friends, I will tell you,
They're the men of the mighty Armed Guard.

They have no fine, fancy ships.
Their deck's are not full of guns.
Their fleet is made up of tankers,
And merchants that scarcely will run.

They dodge mines, bombs, and hot lead;
Torpedoes that miss by a hair.
All this for just one purpose
To see that the cargo gets there.

They are wonderful bait for the wolf packs,
And aircraft that attack them by night.
But the gunners of this valiant service,
Can give those raiders a fight.

No you never hear much about them,
But the boys out there will agree.
That they always get their cargo
Where it helps to make the world free.

That's why I toast the Armed Guard,
And proud I'm one of its group.
And know that all in this service,
Deserve a well earned salute.

Otis Leach, G.M. 3/C


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