I need your personal information to enter into the computer and I personally
want to  welcome you back on Board. Your computer number is on your mailing

Write me about your time in service and important happenings before too late..

If you know your ships with dates on and off and would like your ship`s log,
write and tell them you were ARMED GUARD and you would like the "ARMED GUARD 
VOYAGE REPORT" on your ships. There is a fee for search and printing. The
address is:  Modern Military Records, 8601 Adelphi Rd Rm 24OO (NWCTM) College
Park , Md.,  20740-6001. It may take several weeks or more. 

For a ship picture contact "The Library at the Mariners Museum", 100 Museum
Drive,  (Att: Library) Newport News, Va. 23606-3759 1-727-591-7782  E-mail
address is:  library@mariner.org.  Prices may vary so please contact them to
obtain images and the  prices of Liberty Ships and other WW II Vessels. Prices
may change and they prefer that you contact them and they sometimes don't have a
photgraph of ship you need.

Enclosed in each packet to each New Ol'Salts located, should be a Form-180 to
fill out and  send to: National Personnal Records Center (Military Personnal
Records) 97OO Page Boulevard, St. Louis, Mo. 63132 to get your service records,
ribbons and medals entitled to in case you never received them. Fill it out send
to THEM, not me, as they are the ones who has the records. Contact a local
Veteran's Organization if help is needed to fill it out form. 
 For additional ships below if needed:
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Message or comments or more ship names: 





Charles A. Lloyd         clloyd@nc.rr.com

If you know of others, get this information and YOU send it in to us
immediately.   REMEMBER!! Your donations keeps this going. If not