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We bought many beautiful butterfly trays here similar to the one pictured



Straggler's Club


SS Harold L Winslow

General Quarters

Convoy JW55B

SS Harold L Winslow

SS Harold L Winslow

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Winslow in North Atlantic on way home

Rowing Practice in Murmansk Harbor

Kola Bay - Murmansk, Russia

Cold Gunner in Molotovsk, Russia

The Winslow in San Miguel, Azores in 1944

The Winslow in the Azores for repairs

Jim Caine, left and Walter Small, right

The Winslow AG Crew back in New York before splitting up

Convoy coming in to Kola Bay in Murmansk in 1944

The Winslow in rough weather, taken from Captain's Deck in 1944

Other ships in convoy with Winslow in 1944

3" 50 Gunners on the Winslow in 1944

Message received on board the Winslow

Receipt for Foul Weather gear issued for Russian trip

Leaving Kola Bay in Murmansk

San Miguel, Azores

Telephone room at Brooklyn Armed Guard Center

Bum Boat trying to sell their wares

Tramp Liberty Ship

Neutral ship from Portugal

Happy Gunner

Familiar to all WWII Radiomen

Sailor's Prayer

WWII Wolf Cartoon

WWII Wolf Cartoon

WWII Wolf Cartoon

WWII Wolf Cartoon

USAT Fairfax


A Quiet Day

Playing Cards

Some of the Winslow AG crew relaxes in New York after returning from Russia


Bob DeMaria and Jim Hamlin

De Land, Florida Rest Home

DeLand Florida Rest Home

Radio School, April 1943

Scrubbing the old sea bag

USAT Fairfax

What we fought for - this and apple pie

Bye, Bye Graf Spee

Carrying the dead from the Graf Spee

Graf Spee

The Radioman Rate no longer exists ! God save the Navy.....

Jim Hamlin's daughter Linda (left) and her horse Katie (center)

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