Australia Merchant Navy

Australian Merchant Navy

1: Merchant Navy Cover Sheet

2: An Unbelievable Record, by Ron Harris

3: The Defeat of the Magnetic Mine, by Gordon Evans

4: Sinking of the Bismark, by Gordon Evans

5: Memories of the Trawler Bluebell and her skipper, By John Marshall

6: H.M.S Warspite, by Norm Parnell

7: The Macdhui, by Rowley King

8: Memories, by Jack Peatfield

9: The Wartime Channel, by Ron Harris

10: Shufty, by George Collett

11: A Merchant Seaman at War, The Fred Nicholson Story

12: The Admiralty One Versus the Skipper Nil, by Ron Harris

13: The Weird Mob, by Jack Peatfield

14: H.M.S. Thetis, by Harold Altham

15: Discharged Dead, by Jim Roe

16: Nautical Communications, by Colin Orr

17: The Sumner Line, by Gordan Evans

18: An Unsolved Mystery, by Ron Harris

19: Cape Horn, by Gordan Evans

20: Mulberry Harbour, by Gordan Evans

21: Operation Neptune to Overlord, by Gordan Evans

22: Australia Remembers 1945-1995, by Gordan Evans

23: A Trip to Russia, North About, by Norman Thompson

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