Pointer Four - Year 2001

The proofreader was sick and the Pointer has several errors as per Mr. Lloyd:

Page 2, 3rd column of Colella's letter:
Eliminate NATIONAL Cemetary to VETERANS

Page 5 Reunions:  3rd one, after on: eliminate
blank space and also change Colewood to Colebrook.

Next Reunion down: Underline genecl@sccoast.net

Page 7,  Middle column middle of paragraph, change:
THROUGHT  to THROUGH the Panama Canal

Page 8, underline and darken the Four Chaplins E-mail
site and pull their Tel.# back to Tel.
Near the bottom, do the same for bigtexhollis@aol.com

page 9, middle column eliminate the word HARD so
the DO will come up to give another line to pull up the
******* (asterisks) and put: A LETTER TO PETE

Next column, move George Kost's picture
down end of letter to Pete and under *****s where it

Page 12, 3rd column, i got up; to I got up.
after i got on deck: to: I got on
Page 13, 6th line down, when i, to:
when I
near bottom When i came to, to:
When I came to,
below that, 4th line from bottom, :
He informed me i to I

middle column, put *****s between:
Refining & Marketing Co.: and
Story of Frank B.Hodges

9th line from bottom, change i recall to:
I recall

3rd column, put ******s between:
 by Reader's Digest Assn, Inc.
and Four days and nights

about 17 lines below it, change Over ali
to: Over all

Page 14 middle column, 6 lines down,
change Tm sorry to: I'm sorry.

Page 15 1st column middle of it, change:
WaUenhaupt to: Wauenhaupt then:
separate after the S.S.PUERTO RICAN
and put *******s  and start new story
The loss of the S.S. WILLIAM C GORGAS
eliminating capital L in loss.

Below that, 8 lines down: The boat i was in, to:
The boat I was in

Page 16, 13th line from bottom, 1st column,
make tor pedoes one word.

3rd Column, 11th line, change ali to all.
middle way down, the water. (Ail to All

6th line from bottom, change: Total I ship to:
Total 1 ship

Pointer Four - Year 2001

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