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Obtain photographs of World War II-era ships:

Mariner's Museum
100 Museum Drive
Newport News, Va 23606-3798
Telephone: 804-596-2222
About $15.00 each

Write for cost. They let you know if they have the picture and the price. Then place your orders. There is also a small charge for the research.

Pictures of Liberty ships only:

William F Hultgren
1220 Filmore Avenue
Erie, Pa 16505-4217
Telephone: 814-833-7894
$11.00 each


To obtain service records, medals and ribbons, etc.

For instructions, click here for the website.


Research the ships on which you served

To get Armed Guard officer reports and ship movement cards (ports of call), write to:

Modern Military Records
U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, MD 20740-6001
Telephone: 301-837-3510

To obtain Armed Guard voyage reports, give the name of your ship(s) and the dates on and off. Estimate dates if not known. Ask for a list of ship's crew also. When you get the list of the ship's crew make a copy and send to:

C.A. Lloyd, Chairman
U.S.N. Armed Guard World War II Veterans Association
115 Wall Creek Drive
Rolesville, NC 27571
Telephone: 919-570-0909

You can also request ship movement cards for your ship.

There will be a charge for responding to your request, including copying charges per page, but do not send money with your request. The Modern Military Records office will estimate the cost and inform you before beginning work on your request.


Apply for the Russian Medal

US World War II Veterans Eligible for Russian Medal
Compiled by Patricia Williamson from information received from the Embassy of Russia

The Embassy of Russia accepts applications from qualified U.S. veterans for the medal "The 50th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War" (World War II).

This commemorative medal is made available by the Russian government to U.S. veterans of World War II who participated in operations bringing war supplies to the Soviet Union by way of the Barents Sea, the Persian Gulf, the Black Sea, or the Sea of Okhotsk in the period 22 June 1941 - 9 May 1945. U.S. Air Force veterans who participated in "Frantic" missions also qualify.

To apply for this medal, veterans must submit a typed or clearly printed request to:

Embassy of Russia
Attn: Office of Public Affairs
2650 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20007

Applicants must submit the following information to the address listed above: full name; current mailing address; date of birth; phone number; discharge papers (DD Form 214) or other proof of service in a particular operation; the dates and a brief description of the operation in which you served and what you personally did.

The Embassy will also accept applications, along with the appropriate documentation for this medal, from the next of kin of deceased veterans.

The expected time to process a request is 6-8 months. The medal will be mailed to the veteran by certified mail. While the medals are awarded at no cost to the recipient, the Embassy has asked that each applicant enclose a check or money order in the sum of $4.00, payable to the Embassy of Russia, with their application to help defray the cost of postage.

To speed up your request, mark the front left bottom of the envelope: "Medal." In case of a veteran's grave ailment (certified by a medical office) the application will receive priority processing.


Record your service on the Armed Guard website

Send list of ships and dates aboard (if known) to:

Ron Carlson, Webmaster
Armed Guard / Merchant Marine website
616 Putnam Place
Alexandria, VA 22302

If you have pictures of people or ships from Armed Guard or merchant marine days that we can put on the Armed Guard/Merchant Marine website, send them in hard copy and they will be returned shortly. Or if you have the capability, you can instead send electronic scans of your information by e-mail. If you want a free Honor Page on the Armed Guard/Merchant Marine website for yourself or a loved one, send (if possible) a World War II-era picture, a recent picture and whatever recollections or comments you want to make about your Navy or merchant marine and civilian life. Pictures of your ships and shipmates can be included on your Honor Page if you have them. All of this is free.

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