SS Vitruvius

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Pictured below is the SS Vitruvius


S.S. Vitruvius

The S.S. Vitruvius was the second concrete ship built by McCloskey and
Company in Tampa, Florida. She was launched in December of 1943 and used in
the sugar trade with Cuba.

In March of 1944, the Vitruvius and the S.S. David O. Saylor set sail for
Liverpool, England to join a fleet of ships to participate in the D-Day
invasion of Normandy. On July 16, 1944, the S.S. Vitruvius and Saylor were
partially sunk to form the "Gooseberry" breakwater off the coast of

The S.S. Vitruvius lies off the coast of Normandy, France. At the time of
her sinking, she was still visible above the water. How much is left of her
now is unknown.

Vital Statistics
Gross Weight: 4,690 Tons
Net Weight: 2,738 Tons
Dimensions: 102.53 meters x 16.45 m x 10.66 m
Engine: T.3-cyl, Prescott Mehy Co.

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